How to Write a Thesis Proposal for the Final Year in College

Thesis Proposal
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Are you looking for a guide to writing a proposal? Find out the sections you should write and what to include in each of these parts.

Sections You Must Include in Your Dissertation Proposal

A thesis proposal is a plan of what you are going to investigate and how you are going to do it. It provides a background of the topic and then sets objectives. This is followed by a statement of the methods that you will use to conduct the research and collect data. Writing a dissertation proposal is a major step towards graduating from college because it is the final paper. What sections make up a dissertation proposal? Find out below.

Write a Clear Introduction with an Outline of the Proposal
This is the first chapter of the dissertation. It introduces the topic by giving background information so that the reader may have an idea of what to expect. Other sections of this chapter include:

  • Statement of the problem
  • Objectives
  • Research questions
  • Purpose of the research
  • Outline of the dissertation

These are some of the common section for the introduction. The order in which they appear is, as stated above. You have to start with the background and end with the outline. In the objectives section, you need to state at least two aims. These are drawn from the main topic, and they should be turned into research questions. Do not write research questions that are not related to your objectives because this is wrong. These two have to be similar in that you can transform one into the other. In the purpose of the research, indicate why you are carrying out the study. For example, who will benefit from your research, and how will they gain?

Include a Literature Review with Empirical and Theoretical Analysis

This is the second main section of the thesis. It involves analyzing previous studies and finding out what their aims were and what they concluded. This section uses peer-reviewed journals. Therefore, when writing it, ensure that you find articles from journals such as emerald and Google scholar. This part has a theoretical review that discusses theories that are relevant to the study. It also has a section that analyzes the variables identified in the objectives of the study. You should critique the literature by finding out what gaps are there so that you can justify your research. The final part of the literature review is the summary of the whole chapter.

Write a Methodology that Explains How You Will Conduct the Study

The methodology is the final chapter of the dissertation proposal. In this part, you explain how you are going to carry out your study. For example, you should state whether you will use primary or secondary data and explain the reasons that you select one or both of them. Then, if you select primary data, give the number of elements in the population. The next thing is to explain the sampling technique you will use to choose representative elements. This is, of course, if your population is too big that you cannot reach everyone. Also, state the method you will use to collect data, for example, will you use interviews, observation or surveys? If you are using interviews or surveys, attach the questions you will ask in the appendices section of the proposal.